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If your mind is still open enough to question what you are seeing, you tend to look at the world with great care, and out of that watchfulness comes the possibility of seeing something that no one else has seen before. You have to be willing to admit that you don't have all the answers. If you think you do, you will never have anything important to say.
-Paul Auster, True Tales of American Life
Oregon License: Certified Family Childcare Home
Ages 3-5 years old 
Monday through Thursday 


Pea Pod Village works to routinely encourage children’s curiosity, relying on their contribution of questions as vessels for curriculum development. By providing age appropriate tools—art supplies, materials, toys, books, journals, etc.—and by creating challenging activities, the students discover what interests them individually and as a group. Topics spontaneously unfold, and are further molded around each child's interests.


We also celebrate diversity by utilizing multicultural awareness within the classroom. Providing awareness through the exploration of various ethnicities and cultures encourages the children to better understand— and further develop­—a healthy connection to family, friends, and community. These themes are highlighted through story, song, art, and play. We work with parents and guardians as partners when assessing development and curriculum, and invite them to be a part of the class. Furthermore, we engage children and parents in communication—both individually and as a group—bolstering the children’s confidence when conversing with those around them.

This program provides the basic principles of children’s yoga, breathing, rest, and mindful awareness, as we work to inspire a healthy expression of their feelings. Our unique educational ecosystem exists only in our classrooms, but the greatest joy is when they share their discoveries at home and in their communities.

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